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Coastal Hazards

Know the hazards of short- and long-term sea level rise, tsunamis, hurricanes, and coastline changes

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High Sea Level — Inundation Hazards

  • Forecasts of High Sea Level (with potential for flooding) due to Tides, Eddies and Waves (HiOOS)
    • Choose a location in Hawai‘i
    • Other Pacific Islands
  • Tide Predictions at Many Other Hawai‘i Coastal Sites
  • Tsunami Warnings (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center — PTWC)
  • Long-Term Sea Level Rise in Hawai‘i
    • Observed Trends in Long-Term Sea Level (NOAA/NOS/CO-OPS)
    • Impacts in Hawai‘i (UH Coastal Geology Group)

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Hurricane Impacts & Preparedness

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Hawai‘i’s Coastlines


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