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Surface Wave Conditions: Nearshore

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Surface Wave Conditions: Offshore

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Surface Currents, including Tidal

  • UH Real-time Surface Currents Along the South Shore of O‘ahu (coming soon)
  • UH Experimental Model of Surface Tidal Currents (coming soon)
  • UH Experimental Model of Long Period Surface Currents (coming soon)
  • Modeled Currents, Temperature, Salinity & Sea Height (U.S. Navy)

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  • Annual Tide Prediction Tables (NOAA)
  • WWW Tide and Current Predictor Stations image map of tide locations
  • Laysan Island East Island, French Frigate Shoals Sand Island, Midway Island Nonopapa Hanalei Bay Hanamaulu Bay Nawilwili Harbor Port Allen, Hanapepe Bay Waimea Bay Haleiwa, Waialua Bay Laie Bay Waikane, Kaneohe Bay Moku o Loe (Coconut Island), Kaneohe Bay Waimanalo Hanauma Bay Honolulu Harbor Pearl Harbor, Bishop Point Pearl Harbor, Ford Island Ferry Waianae, Pokai Bay Kalohe Channel Tidal Currents Kaunakakai Kamolo Harbor Pukoo Harbor Kolo Kaumalapau Kuheia Bay Smuggler Cove Lahaina Kahului Hana Makena Kihei Mahukona Hilo Bay Honuapo Napoopoo, Kealakekua Bay Kailua Kona Kawaihae

    Courtesy of the WWW Tide and Current Predictor

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DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation

  • Know the rules for safe and legal vessel operation.


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