El Niño Recommendations for Agroforestry

Protect coastal vegetation to protect agroforest from winds during the stormy season and dry season.

Atoll_Windbreak_From_Inside beach_berm
coastal vegetation as seen from a coconut plantation coastal vegetation as seen from the beach

Prepare for possible storms

During the El Niño year, tropical storms and even typhoons may hit the Marshalls.

Wet weather will affect your crops during the El Niño year – care for them

During the early months of an El Niño year (January – June), even before an “advisory” is announced, rainfall is higher than normal. It may continue to be wetter than usual all that year, through November or December.

Plan ahead for a drought after the El Niño year

During the year following an El Niño year, rainfall is lower than normal. Some crops might fail.

Readiness for El Nino Project